Nothing can justify suicide [Archives:2003/657/Letters to the Editor]

August 7 2003

Alawi Abdulla Taha
[email protected]

I like to leave this note with a suggestion about the article I read on the suicides in Yemen.
Nothing, nothing can be too bad, no matter if it is family feud, poverty or loneliness. I speak this from experience. Have faith in Allah the Most Merciful and if you feel something, if you feel you are alone then you are not. There are thousands, millions all over the world that feel what you feel.
Please, come together, set up a Hotline number where people can call and talk to someone without giving their names but to just talk because this will help and it has helped in England. I am saying this to the government, to the police, to the organizations and even the newspaper Yemeni Times. If you can set up a free Hotline number so people can call and speak to someone about their worries and what ails them. It will make a great difference in their lives.
To read such a thing saddened me greatly because they are my people and anything that pains my people, pains me too. Have faith in Allah the Most Merciful for this life is short and the Hereafter is better and eternal and did not Allah say that it is forbidden and that if you do such a thing then Hell fire is the resting place?
So, you cut yourself from this life to go into another that is more pain? It doesn't make sense. Please. I am even willing for people to email their worries to me and I will listen. I may not help or have questions to their answers because I am a human like them but I will listen and I will reply to every email letter.
Subhanallah! For such a thing to happen really worries me. There must be something in Yemen that one can do for such people who feel they have lost hope.