Now its our turn to say:”We told you so” [Archives:2003/642/Opinion]

June 19 2003

When the American troops walked into Baghdad, all the supporters of the Bush Administration's reckless adventure in Iraq rushed to their computers to send out their hasty “we told you so” email messages, overjoyed by their short-lived victory sighs of relief. But as time passes, one begins to see that the elements that were behind the planning for this escapade neither had the interests of the United States nor the Iraqi people in mind. Even the suspicious effort to get the “Road Map”, which leads to nowhere, to placate the angry Arab street will not fool anybody into believing that Mr. Bush and the right wing think tanks and the Zionist friends behind them have finally understood the “good intents” of the present White House Administration. The ugliness of the Iraqi adventure is beginning to come to the foreground, as the Iraqis themselves saw that they not only lost Saddam Hussein, which is no great loss, in anybody's right mind, but they literally have lost everything. Moreover, the American people have lost their credibility and their goodwill, let alone the number of troops dying and being injured everyday, by an ambush here, an RPG blast there, a helicopter shot down here, a fighter aircraft falling down or being hit here and there. Yet, it seems that the Iraqis are the ones really putting up the heavy tab for this careless handling of an apparently poorly planned invasion. The lists of casualties for the American forces are either downplayed or not reported\, while the casualties of the Iraqis are now being put in the hundreds. When asked about the Iraqi casualties, an American Officer pointed out that “we do not bother to keep count of the Iraqi casualties, but they are many. As if to say these are not human beings. They are claimed to be organized pro Saddam elements, which does not seem to click to the observer's ears, because if we assume that an “agreement was reached for the “fall of Baghdad and the disappearance of Saddam Hussein” as some would like to have it appear, then it would not seem plausible that a pro Saddam resistance would still be continuing, whether he is still alive or dead, because in either case the resistance would not really have a cause to be fighting for. What is going on is resistance to an occupying foreign force that has destroyed all the basic elements needed for the least means of subsistence for the majority of the Iraqi people. These are the liberators, who are parading the Iraqi children. In fact, one notices a very close resemblance (although one would hope that the motives would not be so distressing) as that practiced by Ariel Sharon's thugs in the Holy Land. Tanks and tractors mowing down houses, middle-aged and old women crying and cursing out the invaders; children being killed left and right; these are the daily scenes we are watching in both Palestine and Iraq. What makes matters worse is that the Road Map is being clouded by the heavy rhetoric against “terror” by the White House and the members of the Administration that seem to have forgotten all the semblances of diplomacy and arbitration that are required. Apparently the only people that Mr. Bush seems to have sympathy for are the Zionist criminals in Israel (if we can call it that, but it is really political helplessness brought on by failure in every field to speak of). Yes we say criminals, because we know that they have uprooted an entire population from their homeland. We also know that, on a systematic basis, they are working hard to increase the scope of their crimes to finish off what remains of the Palestinians. Let us not forget that when one is disarmed and blocked from all forms of support, you can surely expect to have “suicide bombings” and all the symptoms of aggravated lost hope, which the poor Palestinians are being subjected to, since 1967, not to mention the many massacres that have been instigated by the number one terrorist of all times in the region Ariel Sharon, who Mr. Bush is protecting from criminal prosecution for the murder of over 1200 unarmed Palestinian civilians sleeping in their camps in Lebanon, and the thousands more he has killed, injured or maimed ever since he launched the present surge of persecution. Let us not forget also that it was Sharon who unleashed the last tow years of violence by his “historic” intimidating walk into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a little over two years ago, which fuelled the present Intifadha, and sending his armor to do the work of police forces in the West Bank and Gaza. Let us start to look at things in their right perspective. Neither Washington nor Tel Aviv should ever hope to be applauded for their illegitimate occupation of land that is not theirs and that is the real fundamental issue at stake. All this talk of fighting terror, etc. is beginning to wear out, especially when the callers for the fight have been proven to be liars again and again.