O, who are thee indeed? [Archives:2007/1063/Community]

June 28 2007

For Yemen Times
By / Abdulkader Ajarbani
A student at Sana'a University
Faculty of education
Department of English
Level two / parallel system

O, thee who hurt others

O, thee who unseen by others

You look friend and kind,

Who drops by unexpected time?

You're known and hidden,

Destroy the life and preserve

Let others gather and part,

How quaint you are!

You're known as blind,

And can see in the darkness

You let others see you and some not,

But who are thee indeed?

Allow me to surmise thee,

As you're known blind you're love

Indeed thee are love,

Please pass me but gently

Pass me when my guests not with me

To exchange with thee sense,

And leave me alone in other time

To be friends in other times.