Objectives of the U.S. War against Terror [Archives:2001/51/Law & Diplomacy]

December 17 2001

(Part 1 of 6)
By Mohammed A. Abdulghani
Chairman of al-Jazeera & al-Khaleej Center for Studies
Following the end of the World War II, the United States has proven that it is country number one in the world evidently owing to its military power. The victory achieved by the United States in that global war has made it confident that the rest of the 20th century should be American and that the USshould lead the whole world.
Indeed, United States has made progress in different aspects and on the same vigorousness so as to achieve its utmost goal, which is to have the upper-hand in the world as a whole.
At first, one of its policies mainly focused on downsizing the role of the USSR and the Socialist Pact, which had been the enemy number one for the United States, as well. Secondly, the United Sates has been so active to bring the European countries to its side and has also inherited their former colonies. Interestingly, the United States has successfully drawn up its goals to dominate the whole world. The USA has tried hard to dominate the whole world through having the upper-hand on the oil-rich regions and the U.N organizations. Further, the U.S. government has made of the oil-rich regions as vital areas for it, and it has repeatedly expressed its readiness to defend them whatever the cost is. The United States also intended to convince its allies of its supremacy with the view of using their capacities and potentials for serving the supposedly common interests which aim at the end to merely serve the U.S. national interest.
Similarly, the United Sates has been propagating all the time that its economy is the most powerful, therefore, all nations of earth should follow it.
Of course, it has made great strides in the scientific field, but, this scientific progress has caused a brain-drain, particularly in the development countries as many scientists and experts have been attracted by the available freedom of movement that has never been made available in such manner in any other country. Moreover, it has significantly exploited the ideological differences and political conflicts through applying the doubled-containment policy. Again it has successfully dealt with the different developments and events in ways that make the other players in the international political arena pay the bills related to the accomplishment of the U.S. goals willy nilly. For the most part the cunning U.S. policy-makers have been able to duly arrange the confrontation priorities in ways that impress both their friends and enemies. Similarly, it has attempted to create a distinguished domestic Americanized model that contains all developments and expertise of the European countries and even surpasses them in this domain.
Another policy adopted by the U.S. government is represented by making power and hegemony as the most prevalent characteristics in the American-styled life. Furthermore, the U.S. governments have directed the media-related technologies in ways that convince the whole world that the American citizen is the ideal person to be followed and make all people try to copy this personality. Yet, the most significant policy adopted by the USA is represented by linking the interests of all the countries of the world with the U.S. ones.
In fact, this has made the United States as the leader of the whole world in tackling the different events and crises. Thus, the USA has developed the capabilities of its army, which is very instrumental for achieving its global polices. Indeed, the USA has spared no effort to boost the capabilities of its army depending on all the available technologies so as to make it second to none.