Obsolete heart [Archives:2006/997/Community]

November 9 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]


Look at me; I am not in tears

In life's rime,

My heart lost and froze

So, my life's stream converted

Into a hurtful shore

Do not evermore flame me more and more

Is not it enough what inside me to sear!

Is not it enough what on my land to fear!

Oh my Rose!

Even if your deep root

is about to shear

So please, do not shed your tears

When I touch your red cheeks

For my life,

Your striking scent is my lovely dear

In time, my deep pain can soundly heal

Love is forever

My sun's warmth can't be

transformed into a severe fever

As my obsolete heart will be

your pioneer and leader


No power for your love can delete

As my soul's sinews are still able

To sing and beat

So my heart can't be obsolete

Look at Mr. Robber

A shame's weaver

Who makes himself a pompous boss

In truth

One day he would be in gross loss

He without doubt

Who can bend and sheer

Since Lie is a dirty deal

I violently shake my heart to reveal

How my soul goes to feel

For jollity, I can't steal

The truthful love is the dearest deal

Love is as God only one

Nor be three or four


No one for your cry and moan

Only, my soul can listen and hear

You take me with ocean's overflow

You shake my sakes to always glow

Nothing is so heavier than what I stow

No one like I your lips' dew can draw

Rose! No one for your cry and moan

Only my heart is your lifetime's loan