Oh, you naughty boy! [Archives:2004/735/Opinion]

May 6 2004

That was how the Government of the great and morally driven United States dealt with the criminals who are working so hard to win the minds and hearts of the Iraqi people, by exposing several innocent Iraqis to the worst kind of humiliating tortures that one can conceive of. That was also how the Israeli Government dealt with Ariel Sharon after condemning him for his responsibility of the massacre of over 2,000 Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres. Maybe later, the people “reprimanded and admonished” for their inhumane treatment of Iraqi prisoners will also be given the opportunity to be elected to the highest political offices as well, since Ariel Sharon eventually became the Prime Minister of Israel and went on to carry out his thirst for blood for more than three years now in the West Bank and Gaza. Most likely, as the American “war of liberation continues in the Middle East and the rest of the Islamic world, these reprimanded and admonished military personnel will be given positions as proconsuls in the newly liberated zones of Central Asia or North Africa.
Of course, the observer did not really expect much further than that from the masterminds of all this torture and insanity that occurred and, it is almost for certain, continues to occur in all the prisons where helpless Iraqis are dragged into, without so much as verification of name let alone due process. As for the “contractors”, it has been said that the Pentagon legal wizards are at a loss to find the appropriate legal framework by which to “reprimand” the actual perpetrators and to “admonish” their superiors, and for all intents and purposes, any law that might be found or put in place will only be effective once the appropriate authority is put in place to enforce it. The legal manipulations will simply go and on, until the public is calmed down from the outrage that has surely been created by the exposure of the sadistic nature of the whole Iraqi WMD and then later “liberation” campaign. In the meantime the contracts are ongoing and hundreds of millions of US Dollars are being dished out to any bounty hunters and money and blood suckers who wish to have a stake in the bloody marathon that Iraq is turning out to be. After all, wasn't that the gist of the whole melodrama that has been unfolding in the region since George W. Bush took the helms in the White House.
Over the past week, the whole world was talking about the great free for all that has been exposed at the Abu Ghreib and other prisons in Iraq and even the President of the Untied States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain were ready to offer their “disgust”. But where are the authors and designers of the bloody ferociousness that has characterized the prison system in Iraq, which has, as most Iraqis contend, even surpassed what their former infamous benevolent dictator carried out throughout his 30 years of bloodletting! Donald Rumsfeld, the play on words Minister of Defense of the United States would be ready to scream and shout at the Aljazeera satellite channel and even issue his invisible orders to liquidate some of its staff, at the slightest deviation from what the Bushies accept as “proper media handling” of the Iraqi fiasco. But to this date, we have not heard any comments from him or any of his right wing “Defense Policy Committee” members, who are the masterminds of all that is unraveling in Iraq, and who were heretofore never abashed about letting the world know what is in their mind? We are not surprised of course, because these people surely knew what was going on in cellblock A-1 in Abu Ghrieb, as this was the work of “military intelligence” and they initialed on the requisition forms for the torture equipment that was contracted out to elements in the war machine of the military-industrial complex. Iraq has simply become a vast field for the war merchants to use their genius to sponge the vast sums of money that is gladly authorized by the US Congress for these war maniacs to draw on as they please. So now the demand is for more armor plating of the Humvees and more troops and supplies and security apparatus to make up for the security vacuum created after the complete deletion of the security apparatus of the previous Iraqi regime. Why didn't they just let Iraq alone and they would have spared the American taxpayers the waste of billions of their hard earned money and spared us the filthy ugliness of their moronic prison officials, who wanted fresh new blood to work on. It seems that San Quentin and Alcatraz were not proving enough for these prison wardens to release their frustrations and what better way to revenge the deaths of 9/11 then to release these morons on helpless Arab prisoners, who haven't the faintest idea what the hell the Americans are doing in Iraq in the first place!
The media handling of the prison revelations is another case in point, just to show where the United States stands and where the rest of the world is. Even the British press was more keen on highlighting the moral and ethical implications of their lesser volume of tortures – though nevertheless just as horrendous. However the American press was acting as though they were bound by loyalty to the flag “not to expose our soldiers to any harm” as a result of being too explicit about the ramifications surrounding such ugly official behavior. Thus, one will find that Americans will mostly never get the gist of the awful violations to human rights that their government has sanctified in the Fertile Crescent. Moreover, the tie-up of the Pentagon team and their Likudinik friends would be unnecessarily exposed, for it is obvious that much of the flavoring of the Iraqi “liberation” and anti terror campaign stems from the Zionist friends of Mr. Perle and Feith and of course Mr. Dick Cheney, who has yet to make his feelings felt about all this ugliness, he has been overseeing.