“Oh, you naughty boy” [Archives:2004/738/Letters to the Editor]

May 17 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

This is an excellent article, but one must remember that the brutality shown to Moslem prisoners by U.S. soldiers and mercenaries is simply a reflection of the policies of top U.S. leadership. President Bush set the moral tone for this war by invading under false pretences, a cowboy attitude (“bring 'em on!”, and stating that the Iraq war was “a crusade”. Certainly the individuals who committed the acts should be punished, but nothing less than the International Court of Justice should deal with Mr. Bush. We're talking here about a few hundred abused prisoners compared over 15,000 deaths and probably 30,000 injuries to Iraqi men women and children by Mr. Bush. The torturers were guilty of the Geneva Convention rules. Mr. Bush and his brutal group of neocons are war criminals and should spend the rest of their lives in prison.