Omani Renaissance: 31 Years of Development and Dedication [Archives:2001/31/Reportage]

July 30 2001

Oman celebrated the 31st anniversary of the Omani Renaissance. This festival has come at a time when the country has witnessed a range of accomplishments under the leadership of His Majesty, Sultan Kabus Bin Saeed. This great leader could achieve dramatic transitions in improving the institutions of the Sultanate. He could lead his country peacefully and could go along with world changes in the field of information technology and globalization. He could build and modernize the country with the active participation of the Omani people. When His Majesty, the Omani Sovereign, was appointed as ruler of the country, Oman had witnessed huge changes and improvements in all areas of life. At the international level, Oman has accomplished social, economic, political, legal, educational and defensive development. Oman has remained and will remain a modern state within the domain of the international changes and has its own capacity in decision-making and also has its leading role in the active participation. Oman has depended on the political method at the national level deriving it from the Islamic principles.
The Omani Foreign Policy
The Sultanate has played a positive and effective role, whether on the Arab level or at the regional level, or through its relations with the whole world. The foreign policy of the Sultanate focuses on non-interference in the foreign affairs and upholding its national sovereignty and peaceful coexistence with nations and interest exchanges as a base of the international and regional cooperation. The Sultanate is seeking to improve and support its bilateral relations. At the national level, Oman has achieved a quick transition in all aspects of life, whether social, economic or commercial, depending on the five year plan to accomplish the economic equilibrium and to diversify its resources to increase national income. The Sultanate has stepped towards establishing huge enterprises and initiating to attract foreign and national investment. Since the establishment of the Omani stock market, it has changed to become one of the distinguished markets and one of the financing resources to the economy of the Sultanate. Oil and gas constitute the largest economic resources in increasing national income. The number of international companies in the Sultanate have reached eighteen until 1999 and three other companies are in the process of exploring oil. Omani industry has also an important and promising future for the country. Then the tourist sector has also got tangible benefits and constitutes one of the important resources in the international income. The Sultanate has more than 500 hundreds forts and mosques.
The Yemeni-Omani Relations
The Yemeni-Omani relation is strongly and firmly rooted in the past. It was based on brotherhood and amicability under the two wise leaderships, HE, the Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh and his Majesty, Sultan Kabus Bin Saeed. Yemen and Oman have reconciled their sea and land borders with each other. It should be kept in mind here the positive role of the Omani leadership in supporting the Yemeni Unification, has unforgettable stances.