On Bettiga’s assumed US fundamentals [Archives:2003/640/Letters to the Editor]

June 9 2003

Katie Cunningam
[email protected]

I would like to comment on John Bettiga's letter to you concerning American fundamentals. He was commenting on how Clinton was great for countries like Yemen, but terrible for America, and that Bush represents American fundamentals. It is because of people like Mr. Bettiga, and Bush, that most of the world believes that Americans are pushy, overbearing, arrogant and imperialist-out to take everyone else's wealth and make it our own. Please let it be known that these are not American fundamentals!! Under Clinton, we were a far more prosperous country, and regarded much more highly in the international arena than we are with Bush. Clinton not only respected the rights of ALL Americans-not just the rich- but he also respected the rights and dignity of other countries such as Yemen. Clinton was the embodiment of American fundamentals. My country was founded on respect for other cultures, freedom, tolerance, democracy and the right of opportunity for all. Bush, being the embodiment of greed, disrespect for other cultures, limited freedom and unilateral objectives, is NOT what my country is about. I am saddened by the idea that he has continued to tarnish the reputation of my country-because most of us are not at all like him.