On the hills of my homeland [Archives:2008/1149/Community]

April 24 2008

By: Nashwan A. Nosheer Al-Khawlani
Senior, Ibb University
English Department
[email protected]

Beyond my hills, it stands

My eyes have no scene but her and I

Behold! I say

The unseen places, the untouched beauties

Of the fascinating lady

Whose evergreen eyes, glamour and glow

I adore and it adores deeply in dreams

Before it hears

Something draws, attracts, lures

Many a person to her

The unknown voice says

It is the beautiful oasis

And no place for winter or naked trees

We do not miss the spring

So are the flowers

Like the daughter of Saddat

It looks

It affords everything one needs

So no one is sick of her

If there is such a one, he is sick of life

It is Saddat's princess

Whose fair and welcomed evergreen hands

Of high-clouded hills, on which I still stand

Seeing with my eyes the compassionate nature

And the kindest creatures

Of the fascinating lady

That embraces each and every one

Comes, admires, loves and adores, staying.

To others, like an oasis it looks

They come, both residents and foreigners,

To enjoy the enchanting morning

Of the beautiful spots

They come for a walk or a wonder

The homely atmosphere, it wears them

Not feeling homesick

No one comes, but will get a walk back

I travel to unseen scenes

Feeling exile from home

But traveling to her home from home

I feel

At night, the moonlight talking

And my eyes with the stars of the darkest sky

Or rather, it is of the brocaded jewel

Of the fascinating lady

Whose traditions, customs, roots and letters

I have addressed since my infancy.

Through our mutual silence

We feel that she hears us and smiles

As all lovely things dance everywhere

To those who stand, seeing

Its ineffable beauty,

Smelling the most purified air

And I think it is the perfume of Arabs

That is like a melange of different flowers

Of a worldly spring

I have lived so long unfeeling

As I feel now like a king

O, my dearest lady,

The honey of millions,

You afford the precious unique things

Of life to me

Although I have nothing in return

But a heart full of love for you,

My lady, my lovely Ibb.