On Yemen’s water shortage [Archives:2003/646/Letters to the Editor]

June 30 2003

Tina M Halpin
[email protected]

I just finished reading your article on water shortages in Yemen. I am a high school math teacher in the Phoenix, Arizona area of the United States. I am researching a unit on water usage around the globe and would like some information for my students, if possible.
I wonder how common running water in homes is. How people in Yemen wash their clothes, and if they use “western” toilets, or are outhouses used. It is interesting to know what is life like for the common person, not just the well-to-do?
I hope your readers can understand that both I and my students are not very certain of how everyday life in Yemen is. I hope that by understanding more of how people in other countries live, we in the US will work harder to curtail our excessive lifestyles.