Open letter to the president of the Republic [Archives:2005/876/Letters to the Editor]

September 12 2005

Mally Mohd

I was so much impressed on how the president has managed to change the country as i have read many articles on how yemen used to be and how this time it has changed through the effort of the president and it's citizens to be honest i really wish i could be given an opportunity to meet the president in person as its one of my biggest wish to have a chance to meet the president i know its very hard and can not be done but i kindly request if it's possible for the president to atleast consider my request and give me this huge honour to atleast have a talk with him before i return back to my country as i have always wished and prayed to have the opportunity to meet His Excellency the president Ali Abdalla Saleh many have told me that it is not possible since am a female and i find it hard to believe as i have seen many of the major people here in yemen being interviewed by a female like the vice president MR. Bajamal and also the president too all i wish for is just to be considered to have the chance to see him in person.

I kindly hope and request that the president would consider my request and give me the chance to see him and wish to thank him alot for all the support his shown in this country and the other countries including his co-operation in different matters of cultures and humanitarian.

May the Almighty God bless him and protect him.