Our planet is left in a mess [Archives:2004/747/Letters to the Editor]

June 17 2004

Abduh M. Assabri
[email protected]

Let me first thank Jon Lee for the article published in the 739 issue titled “About the abuses in Iraq”.
It is true that our civilization is rich and that Arabs and Muslims have made giant strides in terms of enriching the western civilization in all aspects.
But, the question which poses itself is that do we achieve and produce something positive for our nations.
We have remained helpless, we are not able to improve and develop our nations as it is supposed to be.
Yes, we have to be proud of our accomplishments. But, those accomplishments without a shadow of doubt belong to our forefathers who have made strenuous efforts for the benefit of the mankind.
We have to be proud of ourselves if we contribute at least to the welfare of our communities. We are not high achievers, we are considered as destructive people to our communities.
I share Lee's sorrows of what has taken place behind the bars of the Iraqi cells.
Such scenes which have been televised in so many Arabs and westerns space satellite channels are disgusting, but believe me they will disappear as soon as the scene is over. Not only you as Americans have been affected, but all people representing different countries and different religions have expressed their resentment and their denouncement for such horrible scenes. But who knows of what is going on behind the scenes. God knows that.
I agree with Lee that Americans desire to see peace in the four corners of the world. We as Arabs also want to see peace in our lands, in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in every part of the world.
Our human nature as citizens desire peace and security. But who should be held accountable and be blamed of what is going on in our planet, the US administration which has intervened the Arab internal affairs or the Arab regimes which have allowed them to use their lands for attacking their brothers.