Over 500,000 students head to exam centers across the Republic [Archives:2007/1060/Local News]

June 18 2007

SANA'A, June 16 ) Over 500, 000 students in primary and secondary schools tend to 561 examinations centers across the republic to do their final examinations for the academic year 2006-2007.

The exams are conducted on alteration between the students of the secondary schools and primary schools, one day for the primary and another one for the secondary school students. Primary school students will start their exams on Saturday with Islamic Education and Quran subject, while secondary school students will do the exam of the same subject on Sunday.

Minister of Education Abdulsallam Al-Jawfi told Al-Thawra newspaper his ministry was keen about making this year's exams more systemized and not difficult as those who set the exam took into their consideration the different levels of students.

Al-Jawfi added that they worked on preventing the errors of the previous years as for repetition, spelling, and grammar mistakes in a way that ensures smooth and successful exams.

He further assured the exams bylaws will be implemented, calling on Members of the Parliament, local authority, and security affiliates to render the required help for examination committees and inspectors for smooth exams.

Al-Jawfi also claimed the education progress in Yemen is improving and more progress is achieved both qualitatively and quantatively, indicating that over 1250 new schools will be inaugurated next year.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Education Abdulaziz bin Habtor, who is also the head of the Supreme Committee for Examinations, pointed out all preparations have been made in order to ensure successful and safe examinations.

Bin Habtor went on to say those students in troubled areas of Sa'ada were given special numbers and will be received in certain exam centers to avoid the problems and difficulties.

Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mujawar paid inspection visits on Sunday to several examination centers in the Capital and Sana'a governorate. He passed by the examination center in Sumiah School for girls, Al-Tibri School, Khadija School for girls and Jamal Abu Nasser School.

Mujawar urged students to exert more efforts and prepare well for the forthcoming exams. Further, he advised them to answer their exams after giving each and every question its due time.