Over powerful matador but traitorous [Archives:2003/657/Opinion]

August 7 2003

By Abdullah Shawqi Hussein
For the Yemen Times

So far there has been no idea about the shameful attitude of Arabs at large and leaders in particular towards their national issues, especially regarding the Palestinian issue and the fabricated one against Iraq.
In contrast to most western countries which have expressed their protest against the unjustifiable Anglo-American military campaign on Iraq, there has been a number of Arab countries, except for a few, adopting a spectator position to what is happening in Iraq and suffering of their Iraqi brothers at the hands of Anglo-American occupation troops.
In an article, published in the British newspaper the Independent by Robert Fisk, titled ” So where are the Arabs” the writer said that majority of protesters at Bush's arrogant aggressive action on Iraq were westerners. ” Yet, faced with catastrophe, the Arabs are like mice”. By such likening , he has actually been right because he, though not an Arab, has felt extremely sorry for Arabs' regrettable attitude. Moreover, some countries, which are not worth remaining as Arab states have urgently appealed to America to adopt crucial decision concerning the Iraqi leadership i.e. it has to exterminate Saddam and the Baa'th party, whether they proved guilty or not.
What is seriously painful is the unfortunate situation and the futile suggestions which we have never recognized their ultimate point to some extent. Arabs, forgetting their forefathers' incitement to the unification of word and stand under one single banner, have resorted to the UN which, in spite of its international power has got to be helpless before the arrogance of Bush and his administration. Bush and his administration have ignored the world public opinion and the American people opposition and launched their aggression on Iraq to finish the mission his father had begun in 1991, deliberately violating all international laws and he United Nations Organisation.