Palestinian Issue between Arab weakness and Zionist Savagery [Archives:2003/661/Letters to the Editor]

August 21 2003

Nisreen A. Al-Dubhani
There are no words that can express about the Palestinian issue because it is the bloody wound in our heart. It is an issue of a nation which concerns their homeland, dignity and sense of their honor which are not a banner but a real faith with a right that was propellant for Intifadha. Intifadha is a revolution in its simplest ways against Zionist initiate tries to confiscate the land of Palestinian under the pretext of temple of the prophet “Sulaiman”. But the truth is that they want to convert Palestinian land as a homeland and make Palestinian people live under their mercy. I find myself before this critical question. What are the efforts that Arab world exerted to solve the Palestinian issue? This question which it's been repeated, we haven't got any answer for. From political side, the answer is nothing except some words on papers, which are the result of their unsuccessful summits. On the other hand, even powerless nations with the simplest ways, which are representing in the boycott, had become a banner. Here I remember the words of secretary-general of Hizbullah when he said “Let your tanks for you, let your planes for your let your guns for you, but open the borders for us. The Zionists had converted the towns into debris; they succeeded but failed to break the souls of people. Maybe they could cut all the tress of olives but they could not extirpate the seeds of olives. Finally, I want to say that the issue is greater than any expression and it is still an open issue, which we learn many lessons from. The most important lesson is that “The soul for land”.