Palm Tree Festival [Archives:2004/800/Local News]

December 20 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Aden Bureau

Under the auspices of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the events of the Fourth Palm Tree Festival started on Dec. 18 and were due to continue up until today.
Ahmad Al-Juneid, Deputy Governor of Hadramout for Wadi and Desert Affairs, said the activities of the Festival included staging scientific and agricultural exhibitions, cultural activities and speeches by participants.
Popular games and chants related to the agricultural heritage in the area were performed. The exhibition also included an auction for different kinds of honey.
Al-Juneid added that the festival included many other activities related to tourism promotion in the ancient areas and tourist sights in Hadramout.
The festival was attended by a number of government officials as well as Arab and foreign personalities.
Many Arab and national media means including satellite T.V. channels covered the events and activities of the festival.