Parliament committee on rights and freedoms inspects Taiz central prison [Archives:2003/670/Local News]

September 22 2003

Taiz, Sept. 21- A delegation representing the parliamentary committee on rights and freedoms visited the City of Taiz on 20-21 to get acquainted with the extent of commitment to implementation of laws regarding detention and conditions of detainees. Member of the committee Shawqi al-Qadhi told Yemen Times that visiting of the central prison in Taiz was to see on the ground the shortcomings inside the prison and issues such as the increase in number of prisoners that exceeds the prison's capacity. He also said the committee wanted to see about the lacking of health services, shortage of food, as well as the issue of Ethiopian prisoners whose number amounts to 155 from both sexes and stoppage of some activities such as sewing workshops. He has further said the committee intended to study the condition of the central prison's mental health department where attention had stopped after the halt of the red cross work.
The committee's delegation was composed of Mohammed Rashad al-Aleemi the committee reporter, Shawqi al-Qadhi, Ahmed Aidha, Abdulla al-Ghadir, Mohammed al-Arhab, the members of parliament in addition to Mr Abdulla al-Sudad director of rights and public freedoms committee.
Yemen Times newspaper has praised the committee's efforts and its members' willingness to pay some money amounts payable on some prisoners and because of which they had been detained. The committee of rights and public freedoms at the parliament is one of the committees that began to prove their distinguished presence and activate their activities in a more prominent manner.