Passer-by under Rain [Archives:2007/1079/Community]

August 23 2007

By: Jameel S.A.Shamsan
[email protected]

It has been raining. The street washed their faces, before I came from

my carton cottage in the corner of street. I felt some wet on sandals under

my feet, between my toes. “They and the bottom of nails will change to

back.” This thing hopped to my mind quickly when I walked.

The sky sneezed a big sneezing and little spray fell upon everything in

street. I touched my head, it began wet.

It rained dogs and cats, I didn't mention. I felt the wet of water in my

body. The drops began to fall from my hair in front of eyes and on my nose,

I didn't mention. I felt revival when I kicked water into small hole

“Protect yourself under balcony or you will catch flu.” Someone who

stood under balcony shouted.

I heard him clearly but I didn't mention.

” He looks like crazy.” He told another near him.

” No, I am not.” A barefooted passer-by in front of me replied.