People in Ramadan [Archives:2007/1087/Community]

September 20 2007

Nowadays, people celebrate the Holy Month. They go shopping and gather every thing needed for this month. They buy various kinds of foods and other things. The good quality Qat unfortunately wasn't forgotten for sure. Ramadans of this period are totally different from the ones of prophet's (PBUH) era. I do not know whether it is due to us or modernity which influences Muslims' life negatively more than positively or it is because of our appetites.

We really turn this month from a chance to ask God's forgiveness to a time for sin. We change this month from a time of realizing our mistakes to a time of committing faults. What a shame on us on Judgement Day! How could we face Allah full of faults? Which time will we repent? What kind of minds do we carry? The questions are a lot but shall there be an answer? Is it the fate or the time? And where's the eagerness for paradise.

It costs.

Any way, Ramadan dear Muslims is not just giving up eating during day, it is fasting of every thing that might make Allah angry. It is praying not sleeping, awaking for worshiping and reading and pondering the Noble Qura'an. It is not about chewing, playing and watching TV. Look at the difference between the one who spent day and night worshiping, thinking of God' graces, and the one who does the opposite, sleeping at day, chewing at night. From the bottom of my heart, I ask god to help those in need.