Plan will protect environment Road in Socotra is on the way [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

A special meeting was held Feb. 4 by the Ministry of Public Works and Urban Development (MPWUD) to review the status and plans for the construction of the road to Qalansya, Socotra Island.
After initial addresses and introductory remarks by the Minister of Health, James Rawley of UNDP, and Mr. Shidewa of the EPA, the Minister of PWUD illustrated the ministry’s position regarding plans for the construction of the road to Qalansya village, in the western part of Socotra Island.
Public Works Minister Abdullah Hussein Ad Dafai said the ministry always and will continue to take all necessary measures to avoid or minimize damage to the environment, and is very sensitive to the issues raised by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MOTE).
This is particularly the case in Socotra, in recognition of its special conservation status.
The minister said the new road under construction in Socotra will not pass through the Datwah Lagoon, which is the most important protected area in the Western part of Socotra.
The road plan will be developed in full compliance with the indications provided by the EPA team on the Island, and consistently with the Presidential Decree about the Socotra Conservation Zoning Plan.
The road to Qalansya is very important to the people of the western part of the island, and the Ministry will take all action required to ensure that the project is completed as rapidly as possible.
The MPWUD has no budget constraints for the implementation of the Qalansya road project. Therefore any additional work that may be required to comply with the conservation zoning plan will be implemented, in close collaboration with the EPA/MOTE.
The EPA and MPWUD contractor teams on the island of Socotra will continue to work very closely with government agencies. Socotra is of paramount importance, to preserve its unique natural and cultural heritage.
This will achieve sustainable economic development for the people of Socotra and for Yemen as a whole.