Planting coffee discussed [Archives:2004/771/Local News]

September 9 2004

A workshop on the current condition of planting coffee in Yemen and the future developmental horizons, starts its activities on Monday September 6th 2004. The workshop is being held in Sana'a and aims to diagnose the current situation of coffee in production areas, and to discuss and evaluate both the positive and negative aspects of the production, harvest and marketing processes, so as to improve the quality and quantity of coffee produce. The course is concerned with analyzing problems and finding possible solutions, in addition, it aims to specify to the responsible authorities the recommendations arising from the workshop according to a 5 year temporal program that should lead to the achievement of its goals.
The workshop will be attended by 70 academics and specialists, who will discuss 24 papers within the 3 days and approve suitable solutions and strategies. They are studying the factors that caused a reduction of coffee plantations despite the fact that coffee is considered as an agricultural product for which Yemen is famous for.