PM Inaugurates Scientific Meeting Works Over Yemeni Agricultural Strategy [Archives:2001/38/Local News]

September 17 2001

Yesterday the PM Dr. Abdulkader Bajamal, inaugurated the Scientific Meeting Works which revolved on the Yemeni agricultural strategies in the twenty-first century. The meeting was held in Aden University Hall for Conferences on Sunday, September, 2001, in cooperation with the Minister of Agriculture. In a statement to YT, Dr. Abbas Bowazeer, the Dean of Naser College for Agricultural Sciences and the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee said that the participants had discussed 55 working papers through eight sessions. They participants have discussed the agricultural policies, food production, the current situation of agricultural development, investment and finance, the role of women in agricultural development, and agricultural instruction and research. As for companies and institutions, around 17 institutions participated in the meeting along with the two Ministers of Planning & Development and Agriculture.