Police Attackers referred to military judiciary [Archives:2007/1046/Local News]

April 30 2007

SANA'A, April 28 ) Local sources said Saturday security authorities have finished investigations into an attack against military police personnel that occurred two weeks ago in the capital city of Sana'a.

Investigations show that armed men used thirty six weapons and five military vehicles in their attack against the police.

40 armed men attacked a group of military police who were guarding a piece of land in west Sana'a, killing three and injuring one. The armed men belong to Abdul-Latif Al-Dhaneen, whose father is the Commander of the South Military Area. The police fought back and killed three attackers and injured another three, including Al-Dhaneen. The police were guarding the land on the directive of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to preliminary information, the 20 accused have been sent to Military Prison, while another three are receiving medical treatment as they were injured in the attack. Another accused managed to run away.

The land belongs to Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zaid, President of the United Arab Emirates. Diplomatic sources said the UAE embassy in Sana'a submitted a cession of the land and its documents to the state should it lead to violence and fighting. Other sources, however, said the land belongs to the head of Sheikh Khalifa's Office.