Police seizes 68 kgs of Hashish [Archives:2005/895/Local News]

November 17 2005

HAJJAH- Nov. 11- A few days ago Hajjah policemen seized a car loaded with 68 kg of hashish which was on its way to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This quantity is the largest of its kind seized by the Yemeni police before being trafficked into Saudi Arabia.

The car was confiscated along with its load and its driver was taken to prison. While being investigated, the driver confirmed that he has no relation to the trafficking of hashish, but he agreed with unidentified person to transport a quantity of tobacco to the area of al-Hira, 5 km away from the Saudi border.

Policemen who were patrolling the area strangely stared at the shape of Hashish sacks after having stopped the car for the usual search. The authorities are still conducting the necessary investigations in order to find out the source of Hashish and its recipient in Al-Hira area.