Policy of Aggression, and this time it’s Iran [Archives:2005/874/Letters to the Editor]

September 5 2005

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

The article “Policy of Aggression, and this time it's Iran” questions why the U.S. can't learn from its mistakes. The reason is that the aggression is not a mistake in the view of President Bush. Bush is itching to use his B61-11 “gravity bomb” nuclear weapon on Iran. Presently, the U.S. has converted private (Savanna River)nuclear power plants to the production of tritium for the use of the B61-11.

(see www.acronym.org. uk/docs/ 0202/doc07.htm)

What the world has here is a Christian tyrant war criminal whose ultimate goal is control of world resources. The only thing that can stop Bush at this point is a humiliating defeat in Iraq at the hand of the insurgents and the Iraqi public. Right now, it's looking good for the world and bad for Bush.