Polio vaccination continues [Archives:2004/705/Local News]

January 22 2004

The vaccination results of the first round of the campaign to eradicate polio at the targeted directorates, implemented from Dec. 28 to 30 show success has been achieved, in addition to past successes where the coverage of oral vaccination during this round for children under 5years reached 95%.
Taking into consideration that 985,615 children below five years of age are amongst 85 directorates in 19 governorates, 935,897 children of the same age group were vaccinated.
Currently preparations are underway to implement the second round of the campaign which is supposed to be implemented within a three-day period beginning Jan. 25, and is targeting the vaccination of 1.48 million children below five years of age in 123 directorates in 20 governorates, accompanied by giving 1.3 million children in the 6-59 months age group. These children will get a concentrated dosage of vitamin A which is vital for health and growth and does boost their immunity against many diseases, the most important of which is measles, severe bronchitis and diarrhea.
The number of workers employed to carry out this round amounts to 4,696 distributed at 4,548 posts, in addition to voluntary workers amounting to 7,049 and supervisors amounting to 961.
On this occasion we call upon all the individuals to seize the opportunity and vaccinate their children who are under five years of age, to facilitate difficulties and accord the vaccination teams their assistance so as to avoid the infliction of their sons by polio whose consequences lead to permanent disability.
With the cooperation of every body, this dangerous disease shall be eradicated, and Yemen can obtain the International Certificate for the Eradication of Polio by the year 2005.