Polish firms seek to import Yemen’s oil [Archives:2007/1042/Local News]

April 16 2007

SANA'A, April 14 ) The Polish minister of economy Mr. Piotr Grzegorz Wo_niak submitted a bid for a Polish oil firms to import oil and gas from Yemen and to participate in the international competitions on oil and gas fields carried out by Yemen's ministry of oil and minerals. It is worth mentioning that the discussion between the Polish delegation, which is headed by Mr. Grzegorz and includes deputy minister of Agriculture and a number of businessmen from oil companies, and the Yemeni government was held on Saturday.

During the meeting, the Yemeni Minister of Oil Mr. Khalid Bahah discussed with the Polish minister the potential of boosting the relations in the field of oil and gas, and incorporating Polish oil firms in the international competitions for oil and gas fields in Yemen. He, also, affirmed the Polish firms' bid to import oil and gas from Yemen will be reviewed.

Mr. Bahah welcomed the Polish investment in oil, gas, and mining, affirming his ministry's keenness to open competition chances for international firms in Yemen's oil and gas fields. His ministry will announce the international competitions on Yemen's oil and gas fields during the coming period.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Prime Minister Mr. Ali Mujawwar discussed with the Polish delegation the ways of improving investment cooperation between the two countries, especially with regard to oil, gas, modern irrigation techniques, and fishery.

Mujawwar briefed the Polish delegation on the potentialities of boosting mutual relations and interests for both countries. For his part, Mr. Wo_niak said that he would encourage Polish firms to visit Yemen and learn about the available investment opportunities.

In addition, the Polish delegation has also met with the Yemeni Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Yahya Al-Mutawakel. “We discussed the participation of Polish firms and businessmen in Investment Opportunities Conference, which will be held on 22 and 23 April this year in Sana'a,” Al-Mutawakal said. He added that the visit of the Polish delegation comes within the frame to enhance the economic cooperation with the European Union.