Political will & corruption [Archives:2004/775/Letters to the Editor]

September 23 2004

Hussain Mohsin
[email protected]

Concerning your viewpoint published in issue 770, I totally agree with your disagreement with those who think that there is a political will to fight corruption.
On the other hand, other pessimists have a third opinion, that there seems to be a determined will to continue this path in parallel by talking against corruption from time to time. Those who bear this view, support their claim by quoting the very recent appointment of Asst Under Secretary for International Affairs in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is an executive post and not a political position. He further explained that this appointee has apparently no experience and does not possess the required skills in this field. Apart from one year after graduation, he has no other experience whatsoever and has been at home since 1993. Perhaps the only merit is that he is a son of one of the famously corrupt ex-Ministers.
He concluded that after the speech of the President in Ibb about corruption, a presidential decree for this appointment was issued! This is the continuity, he argued.
Yemen, unfortunately, has a unique situation, where corruption is a common factor amongst the:
– Government, regime, governing party.
– Parliament
– Islah and Socialist & other parties
– Civil Associations due to the influence of parties
When will clean people (independents and from parties) start gathering with the hope of convincing the President, and donor countries of the necessity of reform?
It is possible to start. Probably, the Yemen Times and Al-Ayyam can initiate by surveying peoples views.