Politics a game of words [Archives:2007/1032/Letters to the Editor]

March 12 2007

Ba Matraf
[email protected]

Politics is sorted to be a game of words, so in case a nation or country wish to present thier fair case and gather international support for it there should be a set of steps before filing the case to the international counter.

1. Speech message

The world is no longer that of the 17th or 18th century that it may think of the background of the story, yet we are in materialistic world where every thing is measured with the income that is expected to come. our grave mistake is that our speeches are to great extent vaccant. only one out of ten words is said with a purpose. to present a case we need fat speech that in every sentence conduct a message. I am qouting a speech said by Israili official “we realy want peace with palastinians but did not have real parteners” this speech forms the international ideology: that is: Israel saved no mean to reach peace and it is mainly plastinians who are savages, so any action is held by Israel against those savages is counted as self defence.

2. Who is in need for whom

We should bear in mind that friendship relation does not matter nowadays ,and with a glimpse of a moment a friend can be an enemy for interest confilicts, so lets evade dreams and know that a cheeky lady is not loved, but for her youth. what I mean is to speak before the international committee as exchangers not as beggers.