Post-election scenes [Archives:2006/983/Opinion]

September 21 2006

Dr Mohammed Al-Mutawakil
Though there are those who feel annoyed of using imagination and prediction of the future I don't those people's annoyance because those do not look beyond their noses to see where matters have reached.

Scene one is founded on victory of the Joint Meeting Parties and the General People's Congress conceding that result and measures of transfer were performed in easily and civilized way.

1-After the being sworn in the newly elected president delivers a speech in which he confirms he is the President of Yemen and he deals equally with all of the citizens, all regions, organizations and political parties and groups and all are equal before the law. He declares closure of all files of political conflicts and affirms that Yemen is open for all of its sons without any exception. He stresses his abiding by the constitution and he s obliged to implement all that had been stipulated in his election platform in the light of which the people have elected with constitutional, peaceful and democratic ways.

2-The elected president calls on political parties, civil society organizations, heads of parliamentary blocs, the armed forces and security, scientists, judges, social and economic leaders and academic and media specialists to elect a representative for each to a consultative meeting at the presidential house to discuss the future and draw up a vision for the new Yemen, including freedom, equality, justice, progress and development, a Yemen for all the Yemenis of both sexes.

3-The Yemen arena changes into a beehive where all blocs and bodies begin to prepare their visions and elect their representatives.

The General People's Congress

The GPC holds continuous meetings to asses its role and reasons for its failure and its responsibility at the present time and future. The GPC reaches important decisions pertaining reconsideration I its organization and reaches important decisions related to rebuilding the party on genuine foundations based on effectiveness of its members, the strength of is organization, deepening the commitment of its members to its program and principles as well as benefiting from the talents affiliated to it and then ending the identification with the state that converted it to a gathering of employees and owners of needs. On the political side it will be entrusted with forming the government in its capacity as the party of the parliamentary majority. Since the party needs t improve its image before its citizens and convince them about the state of change that reached it the party would ask Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanim to form the government due to his good reputation. He will be keen to form form a government of national unity. Thus the party will change the image during the two following years and by that will guarantee a reasonable parliamentary majority in the following parliamentary elections. By reforming the political system the GPC it for its own interest as party of majority to adopt the parliamentary system, guarantees independence of judiciary, expansion authorities of local government. I will find it for its own good to reconsider the electoral system, formation of the supreme commission for elections, the election of a shoura council from the governorates in an equal form. The GPC will limit authorities of the presidency of the republic and it will strengthen authority of the constitutional institutions over which it dominates due to its majority. Thus it has pulled the rug from under the JMP on the one hand and guarantees non-ability of a party other than it to an absolute cool in the future. It will at the same time acquire popularity and good reputation inside and outside and manage to wipe out all negative images in the people minds.


If the GPC adopted the political reform with its parliamentary majority, the JMP will not be able but to keep pace with it and by application of the political reform the parties will lose the common issue that is grouping them and will not benefit from the presidency post. The JMP will find a central issue making them stick together and each party will devote its efforts to prepare its own road through which it will race with in the next elections. The alliances will change. The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) and the GPC will be the two big parties vying in the field. The Yemen Socialist Party, the Nasserite, al-Haq Party and the two Unions will have to revive life for the coordination council so that to form a figure in the competition with the two large parties.

Different political and ideological thought among those parties and the Islah and in the details those differences are faint inside the coordination council. It might happen that some of them will conclude alliance with the GPC in its new formula due to its conventional ideology and its new political pursuit as it is close to those parties programs.

In this way the power would have moved from the republic presidency to the parliament, the shoura council, the judiciary, the local councils and civil society organizations and from all of them to the citizens who will elect institutions and thus democracy takes is sound course ad the rule of the people by the people will be achieved. Also that justice will realize equality and freedom. Development will flourish, workforce will work, hungry people will get satisfied, corruption will evaporate, souls will be full of love and blood, honor, dignity and public property will be protected.

It is a beautiful dream in your hands the people of Yemen to make it real with a small box and a sincere testimony, and a simple tick on a ballot.

Mohammad Al Mutwakel is a professor of political science and information at the Political Science Department, Sana'a University.