Practice happiness [Archives:2008/1169/Community]

July 3 2008

By: Tareq Al-Adil
[email protected]

Having a happy and delightful life is an easy matter; you just have to start doing things that will make it so. One important thing is to look after and take care of yourself – without thinking that you're being selfish in doing so because a happy life starts with oneself. Discover who you really are and what interests you the most. Having a nice life requires, planning and applying to your life those plans that reflect who you really are. Understand yourself, making that your real friend and the supporter you need. Everyone has a power stored within, but this power must be guided in order to make one happy. The only one able to tap into this power and get it working on his or her happiness is oneself. Therefore, use it to direct yourself to the path of happiness and satisfaction. When you tap into this power, you'll discover how wonderful and capable you really are. Continue using this power to reach the true path, which will guide you to good dreams that will come true.

Most people who talk about happiness describe it like a bird in hand, meaning it easily can fly out of your hand like a bird. People who can't keep themselves happy don't distinguish between happiness and pleasure. We can attain happiness by polishing our values and then living according to them. People think that with faith, one can get all of the power to be happy and successful in life. Thus, this way, you can keep the bird in your hand.

Being happy means you're self-controlled. People like this are always successful in school and work – optimistic, realistic and happier. People who make life simple and, as the saying goes, “Take it easy,” report greater happiness and satisfaction in life. And the happier you are, the better you perform.

When you're healthy, although not necessarily wealthy, you feel happy. Remarkably, many wealthy people aren't happy for many reasons; thus, wealth isn't a foundation for happiness, as true happiness reflects one's success, health and motivation. People say, “How we can be happy when we aren't?” Being happy may not always be easy because we sometimes don't possess positive, optimistic or realistic qualities or have such a nature; hence, it's difficult to change one's traits, habits and environment.

However, if one desires to be happy, he or she may practice happiness. For example, one who laughs practices happiness, so – Ha! Ha! Ha! Indeed, some things that make people happy include a fit and healthy body, realistic goals, good friendships, marriage, faith and numerous other things that can be achieved with little patience. A smile is another key to happiness, so try to smile and laugh because this will make a big difference in your life.

Another thing to do in order to be happy is to get rid of the bad things in your life, replacing them with good things. All of these things must be applied and practiced. Of course, some will be difficult and not easy to do at first, but with time and persistence in becoming happy, everything will be achieved, so practice, practice, practice. Hard life attitudes, crises, problems and tragic events affect happiness. No matter how happy you are, as a human being, problems will come. However, the one with a positive outlook and traits will be the first to return to a normal, happy life quickly, whereas those who concentrate on their problems, failures and misery will find themselves unable to shake them and be happy again. Instead, they can change all of this with courage, hope, power, faith and confidence.

Start doing these things in order to have a happy, satisfied and pleasant life. We live in a marvelous world that has good and bad things. To be happy, you must apply these things and put them to use in practical life. Put things you already have to work in your life. Be yourself and start living in a happy manner.