Praise to the Yemen Times [Archives:2006/1004/Letters to the Editor]

December 4 2006

Aref Saeed Hamoud Al-Shaghdari
[email protected]

Yemen Times, Yemen's first and most widely-read English-language newspaper, has reached its 1000th issue. I found it a chance to express my strong impressions towards this loved-by-all newspaper. I am a regular reader of Yemen Times since 1999, the year in which the whole Yemen mourned the departure of its distinguished founder, late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, may Allah have mercy upon him.

From the very beginning I started reading Yemen Times, I found it my main partner in my knowledge-seeking process. Snd I from it I learned a lot and by it I enriched and improved my English and through it I hope to achieve my educational and cultural ambitions. By virtue of it I widened and developed my English vocabulary and knowledge in many areas, politics, culture, community, science, health, business, sports and education to the extent that I kept holding it with me everywhere. I was sometimes and still am called “Yemen Times”” by some of my friends and acquaintances. I confirm that I have to be proud of myself for being a Yemen Times reader. Three years have passed since my university graduation and what I learned and benefited from the newspaper was ten times more than that of the university.

Concerning its coverage