Praiseworthy national establishment [Archives:2005/807/Local News]

January 13 2005

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
A team of technicians belonging to the National Cigarette and Matches Company has come back from India after having undergone a training program in installing and operating new the company's new machines. The company has the most up-to-date machinery and modern technology in the Middle East.

Mr. Hassan Karamah visited the team during the training period at Golconda Matches Industries, one of the best companies offering technical training in tobacco industry worldwide.

Ahmed Shamsan, Secretary of the Chairman of the Board, stressed that Sheikh Saleh Ba Thawab, Executive Director of the Company, pays attention to employees and appreciates their efforts, honoring the distinctive personnel. He added that, in 2005, the company will be operating the new factory in Al-Mansoura after having completed all necessary infrastructure including equipment, communications networks, water, and electricity.