Prayers….and politics [Archives:2005/812/Letters to the Editor]

January 31 2005

Mohamed B.
[email protected]

Commenting on Nadwa's recent article published in Yemen Times on religious prayers against the Jews…etc, I must say that I am surprised you forgot the fact that it is the Palestinians women who are actually widowed and children orphaned. The Israel's continuously occupy Palestinian land persecute, tortures and kills people with the help of the U.S. administration.

While Israel has all the enormous military machine the Palestinians has nothing but their fellow Muslims to pray Almighty God to liberate them from the intruders. The main reason for increased hatred against USA is its continuous assistance to Israel and vetoes against all U.N. resolutions recognizing the agonies of the Palestinians. Go back to Deir Yassin massacres and see how horrible and brutal Jews were to Muslims. Infants' heads smashed on the walls. What do you expect Muslim feelings will be! What prayers will be appropriate to recite?