Predomination of Racism and tribes [Archives:2003/666/Opinion]

September 8 2003

Abdulwahab Abdulqawi Al Sofi
[email protected]

Racism and tribes are still dominating our society. The conflict among tribes continues especially in our countryside. We are facing a big tribulation. People are killing each other. They threaten each other constantly. They create difficulties for them by arousing trivial matters to an enormous problem. They are always fond of whetting the nose of the ox. They remind a donkey to kick another donkey. They prefer angry dogs than camels. Cats and rats have solved their problems and become friends, but tribes are unlike. People in some countryside areas are as if in a jungle in which strong animals chase weak ones. I usually visit my village, as it is a charming place. It is a fantastic place where you can relish your eyes with green mountains and different plants. It is a beautiful picture painted by Allah. High mountains, birds twitter on different kinds of flowers and green valleys with calm springs running through, are cuddling the village. No pollution, no civilization din, only pure air and moderate heat are there. However, people there, are like thorns on a rose. As much as I like my village I hate people who live there. They are full of envy and malice.
Some of them have two profiles. The time they welcome you and open their arms widely, they plan how to harm you. They have spoiled the beautiful, natural area and changed it into a jungle of animals. It became a deserted place. Tigers, lions, snakes, birds, etc immigrated, escaping from their fire. Clouds of rain travel to another place without looking back. These things protest against tribal evils. But no one wants to understand. Everything good emigrated except a school for boys and another for girls, are unable to move. They are vacant of students. No one can imagine that these people quarrel with each other about their children's school. They are two tribes. They are called Hiagem and Sharaab. Each tribe insists to nominate a headmaster from its side. One year has passed, students have-not gone to school, because they are still firing at each other. Teachers try to solve this problem but in vain. Educational office in Taiz has not got any solution until now.
Some officials deliberately pour oil on the fire. Now two headmasters are clashing with each other. Each one has his supporters around him. No one can dare to approach the schools. Their doors are already locked. Sometimes the conflict changes from tribal to a party conflict. One headmaster is a member of GPC party; the other belongs to the YSP party. Will this behavior continue forever in our society? The new generation imitates their fathers and elders because school may not convert students mind as racism and tribal spirit blend in their blood. They have acquired these bad habits from their parents and some tribal societies. Racism and tribal traditions are considered to be part and parcel of honour in the tribe. It is an arbiter to keep on tribal laws. Consequently, racism and tribal intolerance will lead to a real catastrophe. They will delay the development of Yemen, unless our government reconsiders amending curriculum of schools. Students must know the serious consequences of racism and tribes problems. They dislocate our society, which becomes underdeveloped like dust corrodes iron. Tribesmen have to relinquish the blind fanaticism in order to help youths build their future as they want.