President inaugurates the third phase of security redeploymentSalaries of security and armed forces increased [Archives:2004/730/Local News]

April 19 2004

Saturday, 17 April 2004- President Saleh inaugurated today the third phase of the Security Deployment Plan. He also attended the graduation ceremony of a number of security and military personnel. In his address to the audience, President Saleh indicated that those heroes would carry out the third phase of security deployment in different regions. He said, “The security deployment in its first and second phases has achieved excellent success, in al-Jouf, Marib and Shabwah and in other parts of the country. The third security deployment will enhance the previous deployment in serving security and stability.”
Concerning the possession of weapons, the President said, “Each citizen has the right to possess or carry weapons, but it must be regulated and the legislative authority must issue a law regulating the possession and carrying of arms. The state does not want to ban the possession and carrying of weapons or to disarm the public. Anything said contrary to this is baseless.”
The President confirmed that regulating the possession and carrying of weapons is merely a legal technicality since the weapons are for confronting enemies and for defending the sovereignty, security and stability of the country.
Regarding the intention of the government to increase the salaries of the state's employees, President Saleh said, “The economy and development need security and stability. Without security and stability there is no development and that the government intends to increase the salaries of the security and armed forces and employees of the civil service will support this. We urge the government to expedite the process to increase their salaries to offset the increased cost of living and the suffering of citizens. Attention must be given to the security and military corporations, taking into consideration that the increase is to be from the bottom up, and not vice versa, so that the greatest increase goes to lower ranks.”
The President, in his address, did not refer to whether the increase would include the retired category or not. It has been customary that the retired receive half of the increase granted to the working force. However, that is usually adopted following the issuance of a Republican Decree. Will the living conditions of the retired be considered?