President of ICRC to visit the countries of Arab Peninsula [Archives:2004/730/Local News]

April 19 2004

Geneva- Mr. Jacob Kalinberger, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross arrived on 12 April in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates for talks with Crown Prince of UAE, Sheikh Khalefa Bin Zaid and a number of UAE officials and the officials of UAE Red Crescent.
The visit reflects the attention of the International Committee of the Red Cross paid to the Arab peninsula and its desire to develop and enhance dialogue and cooperation with countries of the Arab peninsula. Talks focused on principal humanitarian challenges confronting the international committee throughout the world and touched upon the importance of humanitarian international law and obligations of member countries in the Geneva Convention guaranteeing respect of the law.
Mr. Kalinberger will continue his visits to the region with the Kingdom of Bahrain and Qatar for meetings with leaders of the two countries as well as officials of their national Red Crescent Organisations.