President of Sana’a University is under pressure”If I don’t bring reform, I’ll resign:” Baserah [Archives:2004/735/Community]

May 6 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Dr. Saleh Baserah, President of Sana'a University held a press conference during which he reviewed the controversy inside the university over the preparation for elections of Federation of Yemeni Students.
He confirmed that the preparatory committee for the elections, which represents all political parties, would continue its preparation according to the timetable and where the elections would be held before the end of second semester for this year.
Baserah reaffirmed that the issue of students' activities and finding a unified entity remain the most complex issue facing the university and its leadership and consumes a lot of time and efforts.
The president expressed his regrets towards the violations by some political parties at the time the university has agreed and coordinated with all parties to the formation of the elections preparatory committee.
He pointed out that all elections' laws and legislations guarantee the participation and the holding of the elections irrespective of the partisan preferences, aiming at finding a unified entity for the students.
He confirmed that the university would recognize any elections conducted away from the involvement of the university and under the supervision of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.
“The university seeks the elections of Students' Union to be unified and elected by all students” said Baserah.
Still, while the president has been paying attention to issues like the renovation of the university's buildings, there have been calls calling for comprehensive reforms starting with the demand to modernize the curriculum and the reforms of the administrative apparatus in the university and its faculties.
The students complain, parents complain and the whole society complains that the future of our boys and girls.
Baserah said that it is uneasy to determine who is the bad employee from the good one in a short period of time since I came to the university. They are major obstacles hindering the work of the university headed by the student's affairs and elections.
He added that here is a genuine intention to reform the infamous administrative body of the university, “but if I failed to reform it, I would resign as president of the university and go back to my academic activity. I would not die of hunger.”
The university has more than 2000 administrative workers, which according to some academics, is an obstacle standing against any reforms.