Press Review [Archives:1998/43/Press Review]

October 26 1998

Sanaa, weekly 22/10/1998
(AL Haq Party)
Main Headline:
-Saudi daily newspapers have attacked Yemeni opposition papers following the latters’ call for international arbitration over border disputes between the two neighboring countries.
-The Sheikhs of Marib demand the release of detainees from their governorate who surpassed 70 persons including youngsters and elderly.
-The Interior Minister, Hussein Mohammed Arab described as pure fabrication the rumors on the wide-spread kidnapping of ladies in various governorates.
-The Seera Primary Court in Aden governorate a few days ago sentenced to death Nabil Nanakly Kasaibati, Spanish nationality of Syrian origin, and passed different prison sentences on his remaining 26 companions for collaborating with a foreign country and engineering a number of explosions in the country.
-The army recently deployed a number of military checkpoints along the Saudi-Yemeni borders in Hadhramut to deter the outflow of Yemeni citizens to Saudi Arabia which is reportedly granting them citizenship on arrival from that area in particular.