Press Review [Archives:1999/01/Press Review]

January 4 1999

Sanaa, weekly 31/12/98
(Independent)  Main Headlines:
-Four security men raped a 16 years old girl in Hodeida Sunday last week and sources close to the victim said that the Central Security Department was refusing to hand over the culprits.
-The Information Ministry suspended issuance of the independent Yemeni daily AL RAI AL AAM following Saudi protests against an article published by that paper a week ago.
-Well informed sources in Abyan told AL OSBO’ that four Algerians, two Somalese and an Egyptian had shared in the kidnap of the 16 tourists in the governorate last Monday.
-British and Australian officials have expressed dismay at the way the Yemeni government handled the Kidnap of their tourists in Abyan. The Yemeni military operation to free the kidnappers ended in the killing of four tourists from both nationalities.
-Saudi Arabia has spearheaded efforts to foil the convening of the extraordinary Arab summit called for by Yemen.