Press Review [Archives:1999/03/Press Review]

January 18 1999

Sanaa, weekly 11/1/99
(Yemen Unitary Congregation)
Main Headlines:
-The coordination council for the opposition parties in Aden has condemned the ruling authority’s fierce attacks against those parties, warning that democracy was in serious danger.
-A journalist, enjoying support of senior officials, hit a citizen with his car in Mukala, Hadhramaut recently, seriously injuring him. The journalist, who was drunk, was released one day after his arrest.
-Qat sellers in Lahj have went on strike to protest the increasing taxes against them, saying that they could not earn enough money to feed their families.
-One of the two Arab Ba’ath parties in Yemen is seeking to sever ties with the Iraqi Ba’ath party and re-establish them with the rival Ba’ath party in Syria.