Press Review [Archives:1999/04/Press Review]

January 25 1999

Taiz, daily 23/1/99
Main Headlines
-A number of senior army officers visited Abu Mousa Al Asha’eri military camp last Friday and inaugurated the operational and training programs for 1999.
-The Language Center at Taiz University is to organize a number of intensified courses in English and French languages over the coming few days. It will also revise and certify translations, according to Dr. Sadeq Abdul Wahed, the Dean of the Center.
-Many chewers have complained that qat prices soared during the Eid Al Fitr holiday.

Article Summary:
Education Ministry Projects Boosted
The Minister attributed the decline in the education of girls to the fact that 80% of the students are in the country where schools are far apart and families do not allow their girls to walk a long distance alone.
He did not rule out the economic hardships, saying that a man with five children, males and females, prefers to send his male offspring to school. Other factors include social habits, early marriage, and, most of all, an absence of female teachers.

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