Press Review [Archives:1999/05/Press Review]

February 1 1999

Sanaa, weekly 28/1/99
(Yemen Armed Forces)  Main Headlines:
– The President of the Republic, in an interview with the London-based Al Quds newpaper, calls for the formation of an economic grouping in the Arabian peninsula within the Arab League and reveals that American pressures were made to avoid the convening of the Arab summit at least for the time being.
– Federal Germany’s Foreign Minister is to visit Yemen on February 9 within the framework of an Arab tour that will also take him to Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.
– The Oil Ministry has decreased prices of fuel for domestic and foreign airlines as of January 1st in a step aimed at boosting Yemenia’s annual revenues.
– Six “terrorist” elements were rounded up in the Shabwa governorate last week including the son of Abu Hamza Al Masri. The later, who lives in London, had sent them to launch sabotage operations in Aden.