Press Review [Archives:1999/07/Press Review]

February 15 1999

Sanaa, weekly 11/2/99
(Yemeni Armed Forces)   Main Headlines:
-British Prime Minister Tony Blair has affirmed to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh during their brief meeting at the periphery of Jordanian monarch King Hussein’s funeral that recent regretful incidents would not affect Yemeni-British relations.
-A Yemeni peace initiative was tabled to resolve the Eritrean-Ethiopian border disputes, according to Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Abdul Qader Ba Gammal.
-The German Foreign Minister has described his talks in Sanaa as “very successful”.
-Premier Dr. Abdul Karim Al Iryani is in Germany for medical check ups after being treated from malaria.
-The Dhamar University is to host a seminar on Kidnapping and its effects on the country and citizens in the period February 20-23.
-Tourist groups from France, Italy, Germany and Britain have arrived in Yemen as of this month.
-Apparently confession is no longer a valid legal reason for imprisonment in Yemen. An employee in a Hodeida bank, who confessed to stealing more than 35 million rials from depositors’ money, was set free by the police!
-The security authorities have detected 62 explosions or explosion attempts in Aden, Interior Minister Hussein Arab disclosed. He added in an interview with the weekly that the security apparatuses in various governorates were on full alert to prevent future kidnappings in the country.