Press Review [Archives:1999/11/Press Review]

March 15 1999

Mukalla Weekly, Official,
A: Front-Page Headlines:
1. Mukalla Receives 12 Tourist Ships, and More than 2 billion Riyals in Hadhramaut Revenues.
2. The President Talks to King Fahd by Phone.
3. The Prime Minister Receives a UNHCR Official, and Attends the Seminar on Road Damages Because of Vehicle Overload.
4. A Branch of the College of Education in Al-Ghadhah.
B: Issue’s Editorial:
Since the launch of the September and October Revolutions, the right of the citizen to a good and full life was the paramount objective of the revolutions. A major milestone towards that objective was achieved on May 22, 1990, with the re-unification of the country.
The leadership, under the guidance of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has attended to the ways and means to improve the living conditions of our people. An important part of this improvement is in opening the opportunity for political expression and organization within our democratic system. This commitment decorates the political scene of our country.
Unified Yemen has strived to legislate laws that guarantee political freedom. It is true there are some shortcomings, but we plan to overcome these through more democracy, which makes our experience unique in the region.
The on-going discussions on the amendments of the elections law is part of this process. But what is disturbing the meaningless noise that comes from certain quarters which seek to distort the picture and Yemen’s image.
The whole world, including the UN’s Human Rights Commission in Geneva, have hailed our country’s effort to build a system that respects human rights, a nation that enjoys peace and tranquility, and a political culture that shows a lot of tolerance.