Press Review [Archives:1999/13/Press Review]

March 29 1999

Sanaa Weekly, Independent.
23/03/1999   A: Front-Page Headlines:
1. Lawyer Allaw: Security Forces Push People Out of Their Home in a Village in Al-Baidha.
2. The President Receives a Letter from Saudi Leaders.
3. Opposition Parties Condemn Cloning of Civil Society Organizations by the Authorities.
B: Issue’s Editorial:
The decision taken by the Iraqi regime was not wise. It decided to forcibly withdraw 18,000 pilgrims from performing the Haj takes away the freedom of the people to practise their religion.
But that is not the first unwise decision by the regime in Baghdad. It has consistently refused to respond to pleas for peace and a solution to the crisis. Recently, the Islamic Revolution Organization, which opposes the Iraqi regime, recently refused to accept US$ 97 million which was allocated by the American administration to dislodge Saddam Hussain. But, rather than deal with this organization in an honorable way, the regime in Baghdad now accuses it of murdering Ayotallah Mohammed Al-Sadeq Al-Sadr and his two sons.
We are dismayed by such unfounded accusations, and demand that the Iraqi regime rescind its decisions to call back the pilgrims. The policy of ruling by crisis and making more enemies will not benefit the regime in Baghdad.