Press Review [Archives:1999/16/Press Review]

April 19 1999

Aden 3-Weekly, Independent,
14/4/1999   Main Headlines:
– Mr. Douglas March, a US Professor who recently visited Aden, describes Aden’s commercial future as promising and growing. However, he affirms that real development will not take place unless the law is respected by everyone.
– A press report says that Cairo is to open a court file under the name “Coming from Yemen” in reference to the “fundamentalists” handed over to Egypt by the Yemeni Authorities.
– Writers and intellectuals in Yemen’s Union of Writers call for correcting the situation in the Journalists Syndicate. The Union describes the current division in the Syndicate as a negative phenomenon.
Article Summary:
Real and not formal democracy can never be realized, nor can it become a way of life without being practiced openly, and embraced and respected by an open society. In other words, freedom is the only answer to turn democracy into a road of social and cultural growth.