Press Review [Archives:1999/18/Press Review]

May 3 1999

Sanaa Weekly, Official
Main Headlines:
1- The Speaker of the Parliament, Shiekh Al-Ahmar, invites the government to implement its decree that would increase the teachers’ salaries by 20%.
2- Dr. Al-Iryani hails the teachers’ role, and reiterates the government strong support for teachers.
3- The Minister of Education declares to the paper that the educational committee designed to review educational curriculums will meet soon.
4- Security forces arrest a gang for forging the state’s Presidency stamp.
5- Mr. Hatem Abu Hatem, member of the central committee of the Nasserite Unionist Party, declares to the paper that the path to power lies through polling centers and public opinion.
Issue’s Editorial
Democracy is the language of the future, and the only gateway not only to build man’s mind but also to enable it to assimilate principles of freedom. These are also the requirements for development. Democracy can never be brought into force through raising slogans or by stagnant and prototypical behaviors of parties. Rather, it is a horizon of hope to create a better reality based on the healthy atmosphere in which rules and principles of democracy are respected and embraced by all.
However, it is hard to a violence-oriented person to fit in a democratic environment. What happened in this country back in 1993 is a strong evidence that the culture of violence needs a dear price to be eliminated. Yet what happened back then also proves that the will of democracy must prevail and persons of egotistical trends will sooner or later find themselves completely outside the popular opinions.