Press Review [Archives:1999/19/Press Review]

May 10 1999

Aden 3- Weekly, 
5/5/1999, 8/5/1999 
Main Headlines: 
1- Abul-Hassan, Al-Junidi and Abu-Hurirah receive the death sentence for their involvement in the killing and kidnapping of foreign tourists last December. 
2- Following the hearing of the verdict, Abul-Hassan told reporters that in case of execution the revenge would be extremely painful. 
3- The trial of Bob Dinard, a French mercenary officer, who worked in Yemen and took part in a number of military coups. 
4- The National Committee for the defense of the oppressed victims in Mukala reasserts its right to a peaceful demonstration and protest march. 
5- In Aden, diesel runs out due to smuggling activities to neighboring countries. 
5- The Yemeni Embassy in Kuwait will be re-opened soon. 
6- Four Sudanese teachers are detained in Nessab district, Shebwah governorate, due to tribal armed clashes. 
7- Britain, the European Union and Australia are opposing the death sentences passed on Abul-Hassan and his colleagues. 
8- In Ibb, a local conference of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform(Islah) denounces the government’s policies in Tafreekh ( parties’ breeding) and invites the government to review its policies. 
9- The $ Dollar rate rises to YR 158. 
10- In Mahweet, the trial of the accused in torturing a young man to death is postponed.